1. Did you remove the body bolts yourself?

No, the body shop removed them, but I don't think they had any problems removing them.


2. What kind of blasting did you use (sand, media?)

The frame was sent out to a professional sandblasting company. The body was not sand blasted. They used regular blasting sand.


3. Which exact areas did you blast?

I blasted the complete frame, wheels and radiator upper shield.


4. What did you coat/paint the interior cabin metal with?

I used POR-15


5. How did you clean the undercarriage?

We lifted the body onto the cowl and I spent many hours using the two-part undercoat remover from Eastwood.


6. What did you coat/paint it with?

I have used many of the paints the OEM paint makes. Their web site is http://www.oempaints.com I wanted a gray under carriage and I had seen one a couple of years ago at the Chevelle Nationals. I had the body shop mix a color to match their spray can. They used a paint with a lot of solids to fill in some of the imperfections on the under carriage. I'll use the spray can for touch up. If you get the Chevrolet Restoration Parts Guide (part#12495819) it shows every area of the car and what the recommended paints would be for that area. I used the gray phosphate paint (very expensive) for the hood hinges, the center section of the rear axle, the rear F41 struts, the steering box and the hood release. This comes out more extreme than plating and I personally like the look. I've used the Gold on the caliber mounting plates. I used Eastwood underbody black for a lot of the semi-gloss black, like the upper tie bar, radiator support and brackets. I also painted the front sway bar with OEM Paints Fresh Steel. These choices were made using the Restoration Parts Guide and my personal preference.


7. What did you use to coat/paint it after blasting?

The body shop used a semi-gloss paint that matches the Eastwood underbody black exactly. I've already used a can for some touch up and it blends in perfectly. We also used epoxy filler on the underside pitting and scraps before it was painted. I could have spent a lot more time and money on this step, put the bodywork is already way over what I budgeted.


8. How about the rear axle?

I didn't rebuild the rear axle. I am going to see how it is. I saw a magazine article on restoring a frame on a Pontiac and liked the results. I painted the center section phosphate gray, the rear cover underbody black, the backing plates underbody black, the shock studs zinc color, the axle tubes underbody black and then coated with OEM Starlux.


9. Did you replace or recondition the gas tank?

I replaced the tank.


10. Did you use SS or OEM brake and fuel lines?

I used OEM lines for the brakes because stainless steel lines are very difficult to get to seat without leaking. For the fuel line I used stainless steel because on both ends the line is connected with a hose and clamp and there is no tapered seat like the brake lines.


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